Nabea El-Hayat​​

is a non-governmental & non-profit association working on  humanitarian and development projects.

  1. Child protection
    Child protection
    NEH has established 4 centers for Child protection in 1- Idlib Moaretmesrin ,Silqin, Darkoush and 2- Aleppo countryside Izzaz June 2018
  2. Work area
    Work area
    Nabea El Hayat moved its activities to northern Syria ( Idleb & Aleppo countryside ) April 2018
  3. Women empowerment
    Women empowerment
    NEH has established 3 centers for women empowerment in Idlib: Silqin , Darkoush and Aleppo countryside:Izzaz June 2018
  4. Education
    NEH has established 4 new centers for Education in Moaretmesrin, Silqin, Darkoush and Aleppo countryside Izzaz. June 2018 June 2018


June 2018

March 2018

Nabea El Hayat has started developping new projects in Northern Syria - Idlib, Aleppo Countryside - and in Lebanon.

You can download the document "Our vision" for more information.

Nabea El Hayat has released its humanitarian letter in response to the escalation of conflict in Eastern Ghouta.

You can read the letter below

Nabea El-Hayat was established by people from the same local communities and work for them. The main aim is to enable the vulnerable communities and individuals to become independent and support themselves 
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