Child Protection and Education

The building of a healthy society begins with the building of the individual itself, and of children in particular, them being the nucleus of the future generation.
The disastrous situation in Syria makes it crucial to protect children rights and keep ensuring their education.

Nabea El Hayat established schools and centers for all children since 2013, starting in Eastern Ghouta, until now. 

After having assessed  the situation of children in each generation, these centers provide several services such as alternative education, psychosocial support, nutritional support and life skills training for mothers.

Psychosocial Support

 - Daily psychosocial activities commensurate with children needs

- "Open days" parties 

-  Individual case management with psychologists

Alternative education

- School programs for levels 1, 2 and 3

- Emergency education to overcome the shortcomings of children 
- Civic education, through activities teaching values of solidarity and self-confidence

Family support

We follow-up on our children after attending the class, engaging directly with their mothers and families, for ensuring that they benefit from a healthy environment at home. 

We offer the possibility to families to come for individual consultations. 

Nutritional Support

Nabea El Hayat guarantees the provision of food to children during the week, besides refreshments. 

We hire cooks working directly within the centers. 

Kitchen of Nabea El Hayat

While working with children under siege, we could see

that most of them were suffering from poor nutrition.

That's why Nabea El Hayat founded a kitchen to provide

schools and centers with food 3 times per week on

average. We paid close attention to the healthy quality

and diversity of the food.
Statistics - our work in education and PSS since 2013
Total of children beneficiaries
Number of projects
Food security at school
(3 meals per week on average)
12,388 children
11 centers
1 center
3 centers
Eastern Ghouta
(until March 2018)
Aleppo Countryside
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