Livelihood and Food security

Helping affected families to achieve self-sufficiency buidling on their knowledge and skills is crucial to protect their right to a decent living.

Nabea El Hayat works on improving livelihoods of conflict-affected groups specifically through agriculture and livestock, as well as "cash for work" projects.

Farming & Livestock

​​​​​​Nabea El Hayat began to work in agriculture based on the experiences of the Syrian community in farming and livestock breeding​​​​

Nabea El Hayat Livelihood program aim to:

Helping affected families return to their main work and achieve self-sufficiency

Reducing affected families' dependency on aid and ensuring their dignity

Achieving food security 

Giving a role to families in supporting their society and helping them in the transition from the role of beneficiary to the role of provider

Reviving agricultural land and restoring livestock herds, neglected as a result of the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

Cash for Work

This program is dedicated to women in need, aiming to provide them with both an activity and revenue stream. It also helps to prevent child labor and encourages children to go back to school. 

For each location, Nabea El Hayat ensures Women and Children centers were created jointly.

Activities developed include winterization, poultry breeding, ...  
Statistics - Total of beneficiaries ​​since 2013

Last update 18/07/2018
Farming & Livestock
34 204 families
Cash for Work
444 women
250 Families
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